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Our Story

The promise of a new beginning

Welcome to The Remedy Mental Health, where compassion meets healing. Founded by Danielle Golden, The Remedy Mental Health is born out of personal experience, empathy, and deep commitment to changing the narrative surrounding addiction and mental health.

Danielle embarked on this journey after witnessing firsthand the devastating effects of addiction on her own family, particularly on her beloved son. In the midst of darkness and despair, Danielle felt the weight of confusion, isolation, and a lack of support. It was a journey marked by a desperate search for answers, understanding, and compassion.

Fueled by the desire to turn her family’s pain into a source of hope for others, Danielle envisioned The Remedy Mental Health as a sanctuary- a place where individuals and families grappling with addiction and mental health challenges could find solace, support, and healing.

At The Remedy Mental Health, Danielle is committed to creating a nurturing environment where every individual is seen, heard, and valued. Through evidence-based practices, personalized care, and a holistic approach to wellness, Danielle and the team strive to empower patients to reclaim their lives and rewrite their stories.

Danielle firmly believes that by fostering connection, community, and compassion, we can break down the barriers that stand in the way of healing and create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Thank you for choosing The Remedy Mental Health. Together, we can find the path to healing and hope.

At The Remedy Mental Health, our logo is more than just an image- it’s a symbol of hope, growth, and the limitless possibilities of healing.

Central to our logo is the dandelion, a resilient and ubiquitous flower often associated with childhood memories of blowing its delicate seeds into the wind.

Beyond its nostalgic charm, the dandelion holds a profound symbolism of growth, transformation, and the ability to thrive in even the harshest conditions. Just as the dandelion spreads its seeds to new horizons, we believe in the power of growth and renewal in every individual’s journey toward mental wellness.

As the dandelion releases its seeds into the air, it embodies the concept of letting go of the past- of shedding old habits, pain, and burdens that weigh us down. It represents the courage to release what no longer serves us and embrace the potential for new beginnings.

Surrounding the dandelion are birds in flight, each one a symbol of freedom, perspective, and the endless possibilities of a new direction. With wings outstretched, they soar fearlessly into the open sky, reminding us that healing is not a destination but a journey- one that offers boundless opportunities for growth, exploration, and self-discovery.

Together, the dandelion and birds in our logo represent the transformative journey of healing and renewal. They serve as a beacon of hope, guiding individuals toward a future filled with possibility, resilience, and inner peace.

Every time you see our logo, may it serve as a reminder that no matter how daunting the path may seem, there is always the potential for growth, for change, and for the boundless beauty of a life lived in wellness.

Our Promise

Mental health challenges can make simple things feel hard, and hard things feel impossible. At The Remedy, we promise to meet you wherever you are on your care journey with forward-thinking treatments that offer relief for a range of mental health conditions. We bring together expert guidance, compassionate service, and personalized support in one place, for one reason: To improve the quality of your life.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with leading experts and organizations dedicated to advancing mental health care and innovation.

What Our Patients Say

Prior to coming to the Remedy, I have been dealing with or not dealing with my depression and anxiety properly for 20 years after becoming a teen parent. I was tired of a variety of health care providers pushing me off, not listening or even gas lighting me as I floated through the system as I was put on a variety of medications that never really helped.

In the spring of 2023, I finally hit my lowest point. As I mother, I had put everyone and everything first for so long and swept my issues under the rug for so long and couldn’t pretend that it was ok any longer and I finally had hit my rock bottom. I was unable to function as years of PTSD and varies trauma had caught up to me and now I would normally be ashamed to state this out loud but the Remedy saved my life. Dr. Rebman was able to properly diagnosis me and provide medication treatment in addition to the Ketamine which provides an all-encompassing approach to my mental health.

Even though the program has been difficult in some ways, putting yourself first can be but it’s necessary.

– Rachel C.

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